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I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You To Build a Solid Foundation of JavaScript Fundamentals as a Launchpad for the Rest of Your Development Career!
We Have Room for 500 People In The Challenge. We're Sending this Offer to More Than 22,000 Podcast Subscribers and Our 34,000 Subscriber Email List... 
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who is going to train me?
Meet Kyle,
Author, Trainer, Advocate of the Open Web
  • Author of You Don't Know JS book series
  • Trainer at Front End Masters
  • Speaker at JSCamp Barcelona 2020, YGLF 2019 Code Camp, Fluent 2016, and many others.
Meet Chuck,
Podcast Host, Author
  • Host of JavaScript Jabber, React Round Up, and React Native Radio podcasts
  • Author of The MaxCoder's Guid to Finding Your Dream Developer Job
  • Trainer at upcoming JS Picnic weekly video series.
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The Challenge Includes

You Don't Know JS Yet: Get Started eBook 
($19 value)

It seems like there's never been as much widespread desire before for a better way to deeply learn the fundamentals of JavaScript. But with a million blogs, books, and videos out there, just where do you START? Look no further!

Daily Training Videos ($150 value)

Each morning, you'll receive a video explaining and demonstrating one of the concepts or ideas from the You Don't Know JS Yet: Get Started eBook.
Week 1 will focus on Chapter 1--What is JavaScript?
Week 2 will focus on Chapter 2--Surveying JavaScript
Week 3 will focus on Chapter 3--Digging to the Roots of JS
Week 4 will focus on Chapter 4--The Bigger Picture

Daily Exercises and Homework ($97 value)

Learning by reading and watching is not as effective as learning by doing
Each day, we'll give you some exercises to help drive home the concepts you're taught in the video lessons and assigned book reading.
We'll also encourage you to find the concepts taught in your own code.

Access to the Private Slack Channel ($19 value)

Interact with other challengers, get questions answered, and learn and grow with the best!

Premium Podcast Series with Kyle Simpson ($497 value)

The challenge includes an 8 part podcast series where Charles Max Wood interviews Kyle about the various concepts, sections, and chapters of the books.
Between the book, videos, slack, and other goodies we have planned, this will be a fully immersive learning experience.

3 Q&A Calls per Week ($997 value)

Each week, we'll hop on Zoom and answer questions you have about the reading, the homework, the exercises, or anything else you're wondering.
One call per week with be with Kyle and Charles. The other calls will be with our coaches, or may be with Kyle or Charles depending on scheduling and content.

That's a $1779 value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this challenge for newer programmers? or experienced programmers?

The videos and exercises will be approachable for people who know how to program JavaScript. You don't need to be an expert. If you've been programming for 6 months or so, you should be able to complete the challenges and understand the concepts being taught.

That said, we want to make sure that experienced programmers can learn this material as we believe that it'll greatly improve their programming skills. Advanced discussions can and should happen in the Slack channel and during Q&A calls.

What kind of a time commitment is this challenge?

You shouldn't need to spend more than 45 minutes a day on this challenge.

We're aiming for the videos to be 10-15 minutes long. Some may be longer if there's more to cover or if a more in depth example is needed.

The exercises should take you 20-30 minute each day.

The Q&A calls will be 1 hour each. They will be recorded and provided in the membership area. So, if you can't make the call, you can watch it later.

What if I'm new or lost my job and can't afford the challenge?

Send an email to chuck@devchat.tv. We really believe in the content and want to help people.

That said, We can only give away a limited number of challenges because we have to cover our own costs to put on the challenge.
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